Apeiron Music

Tuesday's Coming

I wrote these string arrangements for Alanna J Brown for the Hart House Chamber Strings pops concert, and we recorded with a string quintet for her EP Tuesday's Coming

Hart House Chamber Strings

Arrangements by Blaise Alleyne, performance with the Hart House Chamber Strings

For 10 years, Blaise Alleyne composed string arrangements for a wide variety of independent songwriters to perform with the Hart House Chamber Strings.

Performers included Blaise Alleyne, Dave Borins, Darrelle London, The MacHams, Sarah Loucks, Mary Stewart, The Sun Harmonic, and many more...

Past Performances

The Apeiron Strings Collective

The Apeiron Strings Collective is a revolving-door group of string players providing accompaniment and arrangements for popular music, bringing the elegance and richness of a traditional string ensemble together with the original and modern sounds of contemporary artists. Through the concert series, we feature both local and touring guest artists, accompanied by a quartet or quintet and original string arrangements, providing a new dimension to existing songs. The collective is also available to compose string arrangements for original music, and to perform live, in studio, or at special events.

Apeiron Music is a creative initiative of Blaise Alleyne.